Wood Construction

Whether chipboard screw, wood building screw, drywall screw or various fixings for timber construction - we are YOUR PARTNER for the procurement and production of your high-quality fasteners.

  Chipboard Screw

It is the all-rounder among fasteners: the chipboard screw. This article is available with double flat head, pan head or oval head.

  Wood Building Screw

The multi-talented timber construction screw is used in many different sectors - be it in wood construction or in furniture manufacture and staircase construction.

  Drywall Screw

The drywall screw makes sure that your drywall construction work is done exceptionally fast. It has proven itself especially valuable for fastening gypsum fiberboard and plasterboard.


  • Adjusting screws
  • Nail screws
  • Masonry screws
  • Distance screws

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