We apply very demanding production requirements since we are only satisfied with the best result. Therefore, we perform continuous quality controls in all stages of production. The well-trained staff tests and examines our production based on international quality standards.

We do everything possible in order to manufacture the perfect product. In addition to material checks of the final product we also attach great importance to the packaging and shipping. We are only satisfied if the product arrives undamaged and defect-free at the customer’s site.
The first checks already start directly at the production site. In a second step several production samples are tested by an independent laboratory. They perform breaking torque tests, drill in torque tests and check various mechanical properties and surface properties. We only deliver them to our customers after the products have passed every single test successfully.

ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements for quality management systems. The ISO 9001 standards are applied worldwide by businesses and organizations. Our production in Asia received the ISO 9001 certificate already in 2010. The certificate proves our production’s compliance with the established standards.

ISO / TS 16949
The ISO / TS 16949 is an internationally accepted standard defining the requirements for quality management systems in the automotive industry. The automotive industry places high demands on their products. Thus the ISO / TS 16949 was developed as a technical specification by the IATF (International Automotive Task Force). Its focus is on improving standards in the supply chain as well as in the certification process. Our production has been awarded with the ISO / TS 16949 certification.

We as a large business enterprise are absolutely aware of the fact that we are carrying major ecological and social responsibility. Regarding our employee's dishonesty, intolerance and corruption are absolute knock-out criteria. Environmental friendliness and sustainability are of great concern to us. We are committed to always act in accordance with the applicable legislation and in an ethical manner.


Our products are packed according to customer requirements. The custom branding of the packaging and the labels is professionally implemented by our local partners. We attach great importance to high quality and durable material – be it in regard to the packaging or the labeling.


We are experienced specialists in logistics and support you in every aspect of the transportation process. We organize an uncomplicated transport including proper preparation of documents for easy customs clearance of your goods if required.

  After Sales

The DIN LING company offers a wide range of services. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. So we don’t leave our customers alone with any difficulties that may arise. We provide all-round support – even after the delivery of your goods. Our experienced team is always ready to fulfill our customers’ requirements to their utmost satisfaction. We are interested in finding a quick and uncomplicated solution if there are any complaints.

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