The DIN LING Group is your trusted and loyal partner and the most competent service provider in all things regarding connectors and fasteners.

Full Service in all procurement transactions as well as excellent knowledge of the market and industry reflect the business potential of our company.

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We are your professional partner in the manufacturing and supplying of connectors and fasteners. DIN LING offers you a full service package - including the product order, the production and the supervision all the way up to delivery. We are an international company with offices in Taiwan, Vietnam and Austria (Central Europe).

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Our long-standing and experienced staff ensures an efficient and problem-free transaction. Operating from Asia and Europe we serve customers all around the world. Whether fasteners or accessories - our comprehensive range of products leaves nothing to be desired.

  Vision & Philosophy

TrustCustomer Satisfaction
Purchasing is a matter of trust. We aim to attract customers as our long term business partners. With that goal in mind, we work tirelessly and with the highest commitment. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a loyal and experienced partner we therefore support our customers at any time as well as in all procurement steps.

ComplianceDirective Accordance
We give our best to ensure legal compliance at all times. In addition to that we are also committed to our voluntary captive compliance program including our Code of Conduct. Integrity, tolerance, transparency and fairness are of utmost importance for us. Working in accordance with all legal requirements is our priority - on all levels. Whether workers, office workers or managers: Each person pays attention to abiding by the rules. Incorruptibility, social responsibility and environmental protection are taken very seriously in our company.

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