In-House Production


Within our own production we offer our customers a full service package. On one hand the screws of our in-house production are intended for wholesale as well as professional specialist companies such as carpentries. On the other hand, we produce special screws for the DIY sector. In both cases, fasteners made of stainless steel are produced on request. We also offer packaging services as well as Ruspert® and wax coatings and heat treatments. In addition to that we also provide customized screws based on your drawings.

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  External Production


Our audited and highly professional partner companies are supplying additional services in order to provide our DIN LING customers with an all-round package of services that leaves nothing to be desired. They generate additional accessories, carry out coatings and heat treatments and also take care of smart packaging solutions. They also produce further parts for DIN screws as well as for the automotive sector and – last but not least - manufacture special customized screws.

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DingLing Group

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