Our professional staff is characterized by its professionalism and its great expertise. The experience of our employees and their detailed knowledge of the industry are a guarantee of quality for DIN LING as well as for our customers.

Our flexible team of specialists knows how to realize individual clients’ wishes as well as how to respond to changes in the provider market quickly in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Appreciation, respect and tolerance are important values within our team. This is reflected in the many years of service as well as by the loyalty and dedication of the employees.

  CEO Asia

Jack Kuo

12F, No.79, Zhouzi Street, Neu-Hu Dist.
Taipei 11493, Taiwan

+886 2 2659 9338


  CEO Europe

Gerhard Hubmann

Schmiedlstraße 1

8042 Graz, Austria

+43 (0)316 269 139


DingLing Group

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